C&D Reviews 2015 Golf TDI DSG with Tough “Dummkopf” Policy

Aaron Robinson of Car and Driver in his review of the new 2015 VW Golf TDI with DSG transmission has a tough “Dummkopf” policy for folks who accidentally put gasoline in their diesel: “Should you accidentally fill your TDI with gasoline, the car sends a signal to Germany and you are denied future entry to the country on the grounds of being an idiot and a menace to the nation’s rental-car fleet.” Excellent jab Aaron … folks filling up will think twice now! 🙂

Collectible Classic: 1985-1989 Toyota MR2

Automobile’s Jason Cammisa does an excellent job in his classic car review of one of my favorite all-around cars the 1985-89 Toyota MR2.  This mid-engine 2-seater was owned by one of my best friends and could handle like it was on rails.  Given it’s performance, outstanding handling, and great gas mileage along with Toyota reliability, it is one of the all time performance bargains.

 1985-1989 Toyota MR2

R&T Used Car Classic: 1983-1995 Porsche 944/968

Peter Bohr of Road & Track does a classic car review of the “Anti-911” Porsche 944/968 produced from 1983-95.  The precursor to this car was the 924, which debuted in 1976.  The main issue with the 924 was performance: It was powered by an anemic VW/Audi 4-cylinder engine lacking the performance expected from a Porsche.  The 944/968 solved that when Porsche developed a new engine which was essentially half of the powerful V8 engine in the 928.

2015 M3 Sedan: Orange Envy

As many of you know, BMW has moved the two door version of their 3-series to a new 4-series line.  Which means the performance version of the coupe is the M4, while the sedan stays with the M3 label. Confused? Don’t be … Car & Driver reports only 10 lbs difference between the cars with the performance essentially identical (0-60 in 4.0 seconds), all for only $62,295 for 6-speed Manual … and make mine in Sakhir Orange Metallic: